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About The Attiq Project

Officially born on August 2022 as an experimental project, it started officially while taking online our streaming radio.
Some days after the launch, another idea popped into our heads: mixed music, to stream into the radio.
As we wanted to expand the worldwide audience even better, it quickly evolved into a podcast.
Because of that, on August, 19th we managed to create and release the 1st episode via Apple & Google Podcasts.
It was a success, as we reached the Top 40 podcast chart in Italy just after few days of activity.
This made us so proud that we expanded also to iHeart & Amazon Music, in order to give better flexibility and reachability. Our listening audience is growing every day, as also our social base. Please join us and... spread the voice!

Entertainment. Yours.

The Attiq Radio Show

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The Show is the most important part in our project.
The idea was to make a recurring podcast, with trending tracks in a chart format.
All mixed by the deejays who plays at our Web Radio, at our Studio or in other public−related events.

It was already on top 40 of played podcast in Italy, on its first week of publication and now followed worldwide.

Publishing new episodes every month and covering different music genres − from pop to dance, without forgetting house, techno and 80/90s music.

The Attiq Radio

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The Radio give us the possibility to expand the audience of the Show even better.
As streaming radio, it can be reached worldwide and on every device with an internet connection.
We broadcast every day − 24H − with different genres, in order to drive you within the day.

− Dance (at 10 AM & 8 PM)
− Hip-Hop (at 2 AM & 2 PM)
− Oldies / 90s / 00s (at 8 AM & 4 PM)
− Latino (at 12 AM & 12 PM)
− Rock & Alternative (at 5 AM & 6 PM)
− Techno (at 10 PM)

Enjoy also World News (at 8 AM, 5 PM & 9 PM) and the Show (at 1 AM, 1 PM & 9 PM).

Our Deejays

Riccardo Rodella
Deejay & Remixer
Stefano Gelmetti
Andrea Rossignoli